Monday, January 12, 2009

5 Things I Find Oddly (Although Thankfully Only Mildly) Annoying

  • People who put their deodorant on after they put their shirt on, doing the old reach under. Maybe this is more of a tv thing, because people don't want to be shot with their shirt off, but my tip is there is an easier way.
  • Cereal dust. Muesli dust. You know, when you get to the end of the packet and instead of wholesome grains you get... dust.
  • Oh, ditto chip dust and cracker dust.
  • Buying toilet paper. It's bulky to carry. It's boring to buy. It's guilt making if you buy the super soft, snowy white, triple quilted, comes with a fluffy puppy on the pack stuff. Plus if it's the only thing you are buying everyone looks at you and thinks I know what they're rushing home for.
  • Sportsman speak: to whit, in an interview on the tv just 5 minutes ago... "undescribable" and "They were upset, but a proud upset".


Kris said...

Dude! The reach under is NECESSARY. Sure, putting the deodorant on first is easy. But I am somehow genetically unable to then put on a shirt without ending up with white streaks all over it. I've tried. I've stretched; I've contorted. The only solution is the reach under. It can't be helped.

The Other Andrew said...

You are part of the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION. :P

Mel said...

My solution is not to use deodorant at all. Helps that all of them make me break out, I suppose.

I'm okay with the dust, too. Cereal dust makes a nice mush with the milk, and the cracker and chip dusts can just be poured into the mouth directly.

Tom said...

@Kris... But how do you put it on AFTER your shirt without getting it all over your shirt too! I'm with Andrew on this one! :)

Also totally with you on the Cereal Dust... I hate it when you think you've got a bowl left in the packet and it turns out to be mush. But I like Mel's style on the chip-dust-into-mouth manoeuvre. :)

And what gives me the shits (so to speak) about aussie loo roll is that it's often perfumed. Ugh. Sorbent Hypo Allergenic No Perfume No Dye No Puppies all the way for me. :P

Anonymous said...

I do both shirt and sans shirt. At home, I do shirt. But this morning, I was out of deodorant, so I didn't do it until I got to work. And then I did it during a meeting. That's bad eh?

Mikey (TLE) said...

James... during a meeting... eeewww.

The simple solution to the "streaks" problem is to apply the deodorant early so it has a chance to dry a little before putting on a shirt. What's the rush, relax, enjoy your morning before you sally forth into the day.

Ur-spo said...

I have it from good authority ( a woman with schizophrenia) that dust from BBQ potato chips can be used for eye makeup.

thombeau said...

There are far too many carbs in this post.

The Other Andrew said...

Ah yes, but this post is Marjory Dawes and Fat Fighters approved. Dusssssssssst!