Thursday, January 01, 2009


Too afraid to look.

In a moment of what the hell I agreed to go to an underwear "Recovery Party" at a leather fetish club with my friend Christopher today. And by recovery they mean continue the party from last night, and get more trashed. Not a greeting card with a teddy bear holding balloons and we wish you a speedy recovery written inside.

Although there will definitely be bears.

[Updated: Oh. My God. What a fun afternoon! I don't know where my natural shyness went, but it certainly wasn't apparent. Not as many people there as I think they expected, but what a friendly, friendly group of guys. Highlight of the afternoon, someone decided we should play a swap underwear game. Sexy young Lochie took such a shine to my jockstrap he was hesitant to hand it back. Frankly, he looked so good in it, I was kind of sad to have to ask for it back...]


Bodhi said...

ROFL. J'adore the photo Andrew. Happy New Year from Ashley and Moi!

Tall and Handsome said...

I'm away for *5 minutes*!! & I can't leave you to behave yourself!!!

Have fun with Christopher is a VERY naughty boi as we know. BTW- my comment sign in today is cootees; please avoid getting any, some of those recovery bois will be very trashy- yuck!

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes, Happy New Year you both too. I saw Ashley in the street yesterday, she's so grown up! :::sniff::

Hey Tall & Handsome, yes Christopher is a Bad Boy. It's a shame you weren't here today, much fun was had by all! :)

Bex said...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so tell me, are you wearing the jockstrap on your head before or after the young Lochie wore it?

mrpeenee said...

Of course you had to ask for it back. Wasn't it your Good jockstrap?

Michael Guy said...

O. M. Flippin' Jeebus! WHAT has gotten into you, Andrew?!!

Or got into you. Just saying.

Underwear party? We're so provincial up here in the colonies.

The Other Andrew said...

LOL, MG. Underwear party! I know, not two words I would normally have put together. But it turns out they go fabulously... :)