Friday, January 23, 2009

The Week That Was

Initial thoughts about this week? Hot. Busy. Fun. Sydney has been treated to a blast of heat and high humidity this week, and it's evening and the news just informed me that the humidity is still 69%. Sheen. Of. Sweat. I haz it. All week I've been holed up in our airconditioned offices, not loving stepping outdoors into what is essentially the giant bitumen carpark of my workplace. (I make an exception for the morning coffee van.)

Busy, because as someone who is employed to ensure that people keep paying their bills, in an industry seeing many closures, my employers are justifiably a little... tense. I'm settling into the groove of it all, but getting results and being so closely monitored has had its stressfull moments.

Fun, because I went out twice with my good friend Stephen from Brisbane. Once with a group of his friends who I really enjoy spending time with, and once just the pair of us when he crashed on my sofa bed here one night. Dinner, drinks and a late night trawl through the bookshops of Newtown - just like old times!

So, now it's Friday night. I just put the AC on, and I'm still sweating. I'm having a quiet night in, except the fact that 3 out of 6 free tv channels are showing sport is a downer. Hello internet!

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