Sunday, January 25, 2009

For All The East End Boys

James, my go-to-guy for all things Swedish, pop, and Swedish pop, turned me on to the West End Girls. A Swedish all girl Pet Shop Boys cover duo. Yes, I really did say that. Isabelle and Emmelie, aka West End Girls, even released a CD entitled "Goes Petshopping". Sublime!

So, bows to present:


Domino Dancing

West End Girls

(Whoa, that's getting kind of meta don't you think?)

First thoughts. Well, they have the deadpan thing down pat. In spades. The music production lacks a certain lushness which the Boys always had. A Commodore64 instead of a Fairlight, perhaps. Not a lot of expense spent on clips, but then the PSB's didn't always either. For all that, the songs are faithful in tone and as catchy as the originals. No messing with the formula here.

In short, a bit of a novelty act... but an entertaining one.

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