Sunday, January 11, 2009

Missed Connections

It's early Sunday evening and, well, I'm not ready for the weekend to be over. In fact, I want a do-over of this weekend. Another shot at it if I could, thanks very much. Just tell me who I need to talk to about that.

It's been a frustrating weekend in many ways, and one that on Friday night I thought would be a busy weekend but on Sunday night seems like it was largely wasted. Plans that fell through, that were on, then off, then on again. Or so I thought, but turned out to not be on. Because there was so much confusion, this morning saw me take a trip into the city to attend a yum cha brunch that I wasn't sure was on or off. It was off.

This afternoon was an antidote to that though, a nice session of knitting at the pub with friends, with a new project to work on (see below). I was kind of focused on getting this sock right, so probably spent more of the time listening than chatting. Sometimes it's nice to sit back, knit, have a drink, a bit of a chat, and just enjoy being with people. Not that bad a day after all I guess, in hindsight.


Emily said...

SUCH a shame about the yum cha - sorry not to have got your messages till later.
But it'll be fun next week, no? And the sock is gorgeous!

The Other Andrew said...

That was cool, I went in just in case. I had a lunch that got cancelled as well, so it was just one of those weekends!