Sunday, January 04, 2009

Summer Songs

Ah, who remembers the Summer Song? That song that always seemed to come out of the UK around the time of the English summer? Especially in the 80's, and 90s. They always appeared just around the time that Sharon & Darren would be heading off to Ibiza, Majorca... or some other warm package holiday destination. Usually pure unadulterated pop, with light upbeat and easy to sing along lyrics. Frequently filmed in exotic tropical locations. Think "Club Tropicana" by Wham. "Rio" by Duran Duran. 75% of the Steps back catalogue.

The dark side of the Summer Song was the Novelty Summer Song. The "Aga Do" and "Ketchup Song" songs that plagued us. Several "Macarena" variations. Move along and don't meet their eyes, they are the unstable and dangerous cousins of the Summer Song. Their upbeatness is an ear worm in disguise. Their you can do this at home dance routines were inevitably done at weddings and family parties by people who never should.

Sometimes little gems appeared though. In fact, quite a lot of them really. Here's just a couple I enjoyed back in the day.

"Se a vida é" by The Pet Shop Boys

"Long Hot Summer" by The Style Council

What happened to the Summer Song? Maybe it still exists, in a modified form. Perhaps as the Italian dance hit that reares its head every so often. Like, oh you know, the one with the marching girls from last year?... That one. The DJs are the stars in Ibiza now, putting out their own compilations of worldbeats and remixes.

It's summer here and frankly I'm ready for a shiny 3 minute sing-a-long. With its own dance routine.


NannaPeter said...

"The Pushbike Song" of the mid-late 60s. Brings me back to Christmas in Narooma, with the riverside circus, the caravan, soldier crabs in a bucket & me being sick into the car radio. It took a year before the radio worked again!

jason said...

Oh, the Style Council's Long Hot Summer is still my summer song.
Even in January.

Charisse said...

I like that Boys of Summer song - I can't remember who did the original, but then it got updated in a dancey/house version a few years back

The Other Andrew said...

Nanna, I remember the pushbike song! But wow, you must have HATED that song. :)

Jason, I know! Vintage Style Council... makes my toes curl.

Hmmmm, I think I know the song but can't place it.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Style Coooouuuuuncil...
I'm still a Weller fan. YUM. Musically and otherwise :-)

thombeau said...

Ooooh, that Style Council song is the best. I have an extended version that I just put on repeat and GO THERE.