Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Small Treats

I had a hot, tough, tiring day today. Struggling through a busy month-end with a couple of staff down, and struggling through the heatwave and un-airconditioned buses of a Sydney summer! Yay.

So anyhoo. Once I was home in Newtown with my pay burning a hole in my bank account I felt like, well salving the hurts with a little retail therapy. A little something nice for dinner. Nothing extravagant, just little treats to remind myself I'm worth it after a somewhat craptastic day.

So I bought a couple of magazines, surface and the Christmas Martha. Frankly that sums me up, all hard edged and high shine on the one hand, and a person who thinks about making things from doilies on the other. Then a small dinner bento box of miso, sushi, sashimi and chicken teriyaki for dinner. Followed by a lychee gelato for pudding on the stroll home.

Less than $30 bucks well spent.


mrpeenee said...

How odd it must be to read Christmas Martha, all scarves and snowmen and adorable icicle art, in a tropical summer. Even if you're used to it.

Jodie Sorrell said...

It the small things in life that make you smile...unless it's a penis of course ;-)