Friday, June 02, 2006

The Winter Of Our Discontent

Shhh, don't tell anyone but I'm engaging in a prohibited activity, using The Internetz at my current workplace. Last day here, so whatevs... I'm so kinda Devil-may-care, don't you think?

Despite the title of this post, it's not a whine. Not really. I will not be covering myself in ashes or tearing at my hair, I mean ME intentionally MESS MY HAIR? Never. Going. To. Happen.

I digress. You see, it's officially the second day of Winter here. I'm not happy. Normally I like the changing of the seasons, but I'm not ready for it this year. I'm not emotionally prepared. I haven't made peace with the concepts of 'cold' or 'wet', yet.

(Small reality check. Let's face it the changes in seasons here in Sydney are really not that dramatic. There will be no snow shoes required this Winter, for example.)

I've enjoyed the Summer and early parts of Autumn this year, relished having lost weight and being able to rock out in warm weather clothes without feeling blobby and uncomfortable. I've just about lived in my favourite pair of Esprit shorts. In my Book of Memories this summer is forever stamped with meeting Morgan, fun photography outings, day trips in the car and long strolls into work with a camera in hand.

This Winter feels more uncertain. Work is up in the air, for example. Much of what was great about Summer will be still be great in Winter though, Morgan and photography outings just two examples. The difference is largely point of view. Seasonally Affective Disorder.

It's hard to keep the sunny outlook, when it isn't.


Bodhi said...

The cold and the wet I can handle. As much as I do lurve the warmth of summer (I grew up as a Mid North Coast beachbum, m'kay), winter is kinda cool (pun intended). For example I sorta like the idea of being able to layer clothes. And not sweating in a suit, hotter than a naked boy band on viagra in a sauna, is kinda a bonus. And snuggly doona therapy. How I lurve that snuggly doona therapy!

But the thing I can't handle? The thing that has me crying into my large Tim Tam Hot Chocolate from Gloria Jeans? All those hottie local and backpacking tourist boys who no longer parade around the streets near naked. All rippling, sweating and glistening in the sun.

And the beach. The beach! You all know my love of boys getting out of wetsuits, but with winter upon us the numbers are drastically reduced with only the hardcore surfers out there (and yeah, that includes my grommet boy Rabbit). It might be nice for a brief moment when they quickly peel them off before a quick dry and dressing in the colder weather, but ultimately nothing looks hotter than a surfer doin' his thing in boardies.


Public displays of tanned, rippling skin, how I miss thee ...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ahhh TOA, I get winter malaise too. eat lots of fish and citrus (omega acids and vitamin C are good for mild depression), and get into the sun as much as you can! even just during lunch hour if you can escape.

the best winter I've had recently was in 2000, because we were in europe during april, may and some of june, then home to a deliciously warm, mild, sunny winter. until then I hadn't really noticed quite what a difference the sun makes... we take it for granted in Sydney, don't we?

Q - 60's girl said...

Ahh winter...i am ok with short bursts of it as long as the days fine up to some degree.
I am partial to good company, cosy nights and fireplaces (and yes snuggly doonas).
I am okay with not seeing hot, glistening bods as long as you can see the definition beneath the clothing - i more of an imagination kinda girl - anticipation...but if i have to see togs and be in them i like to smell the coconut oil, mmmm