Saturday, June 24, 2006

Surrender Dorothy

So, the show last night was fantastic. The orchestra played live in front of the movie on a giant screen, to a digitally remastered print that had all the music removed. The main songs and all the incidental music. I wanted to get up and warble along with Judy on more than one occasion. Sadly, no skipping arm in arm with my favourite cowardly lion though (although I could have possibly found a bear or two in the audience).

The logistics of playing in time with a pre-recorded vocal boggle my mind a bit, although it's probably not that far removed from what movie orchestras have to do when recording a regular soundtrack. The conductor would have to match the timing of the original orchestra and then not deviate from it noticeably.

The sound quality of the movie varied a bit, which was a teeny bit distracting every now and then. In few scenes the dialogue was a bit soft and the sound effects quite loud. No fault on behalf of the orchestra though, they were excellent. Much of the time I found myself so caught up in the film that I forgot it was an orchestra I was listening to! The audience reaction was very enthusiastic, but the format obviously does not allow for an encore. Hey, let's play that all again! Once more from the top!

But what you really want to know is, was the place crawling with gay boys? Well yes, and no. There were couples here and there, and the odd gaggle of six or so, but it was a popular night with families. Kids, kids and more kids. Morgan and I had 4 pre-teen girls behind us who got The Look from me for chatting and seat back kicking a few times, but I kind of hated myself for it a bit afterwards because it was a long show for small kids to sit through. They did ok.

The Morgster and I both looked pretty fine, me in a high button black suit with striped shirt and charcoal silk tie, and himself in a dark navy suit and charcoal shirt. The Opera House was a glorious as ever, glowing slightly in a misty and slightly rainy winter's night. We had a light, late supper afterwards of savoury pastries and a hot chocolate over looking the harbour.

It was a great night.


Q - 60's girl said...

Excuse my frequent "appearance" i have another week off work - weird rostering!! TOA you should critique the descriptive was so good!

You do have the gift of the written word...i like how you described how you were both dressed and finished the night had me at hot chocolate ; ) mmm

DV said...

I'm so very very jealous. It's sounds fabulous!

Michael Guy said...

Your evening sounds truly divoon! And should I ever set foot at the Opera House I will know that 'thongs' as in footwear are unacceptable. Though I could sport a g-string beneath the suit. M'kay? THE orchesta LIVE must have just kicked it all up a notch!

Kt said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Polendino went on Saturday with a friend of ours, who bought him a ticket as a birthday present - lucky boy!