Saturday, June 17, 2006

Winter Colour

Finally a bright and sunny winter Saturday! It was cool, but not so cold, and a perfect day to run rampant with a camera in the company of a bunch of my Sydney Photoblogger friends from Flickr.

Road Safety

This lady was one of a pair of costumed characters passing out fortune cookies with road safety warning messages and conducting a survey about road safety in Newtown. Possibly the strangest Road Safety concept ever, but memorable.

Turquoise & Red

A fabulous vintage ride on King Street south. I heart fins and rocket tail lights.

Cookie Monster

A bakery window on King Street. If the place had been open there would have no biscuits left to photograph and my ass would twice its current size.

My Mantra

My mantra.


Q - 60's girl said...

I dont think i should be the one to say so - but your ass is fine : )

morgan said...

Petite, in fact. Plenty of room for cookies. Mine on the other hand...

The Other Andrew said...

Hey, I'm always all ears when it's compliments time. Thanks! Yesterday I celebrated losing a bit more weight by wearing my favourite 30" flat fronted pants. Yay me! :)

Q - 60's girl said...

Hey Morgan you are on 'film' as having a not so bad ass yourself and you both have plenty of room for cookies yes. Food, food and food (and chocolat) its all i can think about since my visit. Bodhi has ruined me and i need "quality" food at that which simply doesnt exist here : ) hehe

Oh and Mister "I'm always all ears when it's compliments" i really did think you were so cute and smart. You look "just like you" which is why you were easily recognised by your "fan" ; )