Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Recovering Childphobic

I was kind of notorious amongst my friends for being very uncomfortable around small children. I didn't dislike them particularly, didn't overly like them particularly, I was kind of neutral on them. However I generally avoided them because I had no idea how to relate to them; "So, tell me about yourself", never really worked for example. I was uncomfortable physically interacting with them for fear of breaking them, or making them cry/puke/explode into a thousand pieces. I'm also a youngest child, gay, and move in an inner city urban and largely childless circle.

Until recently.

So now I have a couple of das kinder in my life through friends who recently had babies. Aemon and Miss Grizzobel Moans have had quite an impact. Aemon is still very, very small, and so is more of an abstract concept still. However Mizz Grizz and I are becoming fast friends. On Sunday I was at a farewell party for a friend of mine and had some quality cuddle time with her, including letting her fall asleep on my chest. She was snoring quietly and the sensation was not unlike a cat purring.

That's more potent mojo than anything I can stand up against.


Rock the Mike said...

So shall we adopt or hire a surrogate?

Anonymous said...

Suitably attired in our best punk couture, the teenage Kid ("I'm the more mature one") and myself headed off to the Sydney Superdome (its super, thanx for asking), to see Simple Plan and Green Day last night.

Simple Plan were great, but Green Day completely went off! In the words of Thorpie, it was "fully sick". We both scored ourselves some of the ubiquitous and naturally overpriced merchandising, but didn't care and came out with ears ringing and cash dutifully depleted.

There was also more than enough punk-dude cuties around all night to keep us gawking, pointing, and giving ourselves whiplash in the constant "oh-my-gawd-look-at-him" stakes. Teenage Girl + Gay Dad = dangerous combination.

Teenagers are fun! I hope to be one when I grow up ...

Bodhi :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Mike, you get to carry it - I don't want to ruin my girlish figure.

Bodhi, that sounds like a fun time! I can just picture you two cruising the boys at the concert... who would have thought that a couple of years back, huh? :)