Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Night Of A Thousand Stars, And Maybe Paris Hilton

Oscar Saves. February, 2005.

So last night was the Academy Awards, and for the first time ever... I elected to pass. This is a huge change for me. In the past I bugged all my workmates about sticking to a self imposed media blackout so the awards would be surprises, had friends around for Oscars parties, just nerded out on the sheer glamour of it all.

This year. Err, not so much.

I went to my course at the Buddhist centre (Buddha School as a friend calls it) and I had a choice to make. Tape the Oscars. Tape Desperate Housewives and The Biggest Loser.

Oh, you know who won.

[Addenda: Just to prove that I haven't totally had a personally transplant, or become a pod person, or something, I've been cackling it up over examples of Oscars Fashion Heinousness over at Go Fug Yourself. 'Fugly Is The New Pretty', indeed.]

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