Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter: Or Why Expectations Are Bad For You

Two friends of mine live in one of the coolest houses I've ever seen, a large converted ex-Salvation Army church hall. As they were going away for the Easter break and have two cats, some fish, and four yabbies, and have been visited by burgulars at least one too many times, I offered to house sit for them over the four day Easter break.

Here is what I thought would happen when I had the big ole' house to myself:
  • Sleep late and claw back a bit of sleep debt, as my account's been in the red for ages
  • No one else around, so I'd do a bit of a mini-retreat and meditate heaps while I had peace and quiet
  • Have a nice quiet weekend, and save some money
  • Watch cable tv, which I don't have, and overdose on 'lifestyle' tv and the fashion channel (shut up!)

    Of those items, here's what I acheived:
  • Watch cable (which I don't have) and overdose on 'lifestyle' tv and the fashion channel

    Here is what actually happened:
  • Go to bed late, get woken somewhere around 7 times during the night as cat sits on face, chest, bladder, groin - repeat. Wake at around 6.30am as first plane flies over, LOW. I swear I could here someone ask Would you like the chicken or the beef?
  • Walk around in sleep deprived haze, drink too much coffee from the sedan sized Italian espresso machine, discover too tired/speedy to meditate... or construct sentences with adverbs
  • Discover no food in house and most shops shut, spend fortune on pizza delivery etc. Go out to do a few things and catch taxis rather walk miles in sleep deprived haze, likewise spend fortune.

    Hey, but at least I now know all there is to know about redesigning my back yard/living room/neighbour's house and which are my favourite designers from Madrid Fashion Week.

    Life skills.
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