Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Phlegm Redux

Oh crap, I'm sick. Sore throatey, chesty, coughey sort of thing that has me sounding like a slightly less butch Brenda Vaccaro.*

My get up and go has got up and went, so here's a poor excuse for an entry in the shape of a quick run-down of the past few days.

  • Saturday I spent the day all day at teachings at the Buddhist centre I go to, this one was given by our Tibetan teacher Geshe Samten and was on the topic of the Four Buddhist Seals. (Not these sorts of seals.)
  • Sunday I was off to an Anglican church for the Christening of the new baby of some friends of mine, and then a picnic morning tea/lunch in the parklands (in the middle of Sydney) called The Domain. Everyone went their seperate ways just after lunch, so I decided to stroll through the nearby Art Gallery of New South Wales as I wanted to see the recently refurbished and expanded Asian Art collection. Fabulous.
  • Monday I called in sick and spent the day manifesting sickness and misery. Nothing to see here. Un-pretty.
  • Yesterday I was back at work and had an uneventfull day in the office, trying not to pass on the plague, watched some evening tv and had a heroically bad night's sleep. Likewise, today and probably ditto on the bad night's sleep tonight.

    So there you have it. No cat pictures, no haikus or sentences ending in OMG!, but a blog entry nonetheless.

    * That's a pop culture reference that'll sort the over 35's from the boys, so to speak.

    Rock the Mike said...

    I thought to myself, "Who wouldn't know Brenda Vaccaro?". I guess we know which side of the line I fall.

    The Other Andrew said...

    Mike (or is it Rock?), that nails your colours to the mast my friend.