Thursday, July 02, 2009

5 Things About Thursday, 2nd of July: Somewhat Whingetastic Edition

  • My house is fuh-reezing. It's a cool, sunny, windy day but inside it's got to be something like 5 or more degrees colder. In summer I promise to come back and read this post, when I'm enjoying how cool my house is.
  • No work this week. Very little work last week on account of my cold. Not working has it's charms but I am so broke I daren't even look at my bank account.
  • I'm having computer issues, the laptop I was kindly given on long term loan by a friend has taken to shutting down without warning. Frequently. At times, constantly. Time to visit the genius bar at the Apple store methinks.
  • I'm knitting up the Japanese silk and stainless steel yarns I bought recently into a long, skinny, lacy scarf and I'm loving the results. I'll post a photo once the project has progressed a little further.
  • My cold has gone. Adios to my second cold of this winter! The other thing that seems to have gone [touch wood] is the restless legs problem I had that stopped me from sleeping properly. After about a year of paying $134 a month for the meds, I weaned myself of them about 6 weeks ago to see if I could do without them. Miracle! I'm still sleeping through the night, with no sign of the problem returning.


M-H said...

Sorry about the puter. Hope it isn't fatal. Sounds like a power-type issue. But good about the legs. Hope that's one you can draw the line under.

Ur-spo said...

you've learned a trade secret - insomnia is usually a temporary problem; it passes if people would be patient and put down the meds from time to time.