Monday, July 06, 2009

Short Break

I decided to download and install the latest software updates and security patches yesterday for the Mac laptop I'm using, in part to see if it helps the problem I'm having with it crashing. It seems I've overwhelmed it. It now freezes part way through start-up and won't go any further. PC users are used to the Blue Screen Of Death, but I have to tell you the subtle grey on grey Mac screen with the Apple logo replaced by a circle with a slash through it (like a No Smoking logo) and the little endless spinning doohickey is just as dispiriting. Technology hates me. So I'm off to the grand Apple store today to see what they can do, and more importantly if they will do it for free.

In the meantime it's back to internet cafes (you should see the keyboard I'm using... ugh), and so my recently sporadic updates are likely to be even more sporadic in the short term. Hang in there gentle reader, as soon as I bend technology to my will, instead of the other way around, I'll be back!


mrpeenee said...

I hate technology and technology hates me. In a way, it's nice to have something so balanced in my life.

jason said...

Oh dear....good luck.
If you manage to bend it to your will, please see if you can bend it a bit further to mine. Thanks.

Victor said...

Modern technology can be terrific until it bites you on the bum. I've just posted on my blog about losing my entire contact list on my mobile phone through a PC download, although I have only myself to blame on that one.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I thought that Macs didnt suffer in this way - could be a hardware fault as the software is meant to be pretty solid.