Sunday, July 19, 2009

Your Weekly Update

Ugh, sorry that posts have been so few and far between of late. The home computron is still dead, mostly because I am now working 2 jobs and haven't had time to take it in to get fixed. Yup, in true me style rather than no job I now have 2. Feast or famine. All or nothing. No shades of grey here baby, I got your black... and your white.

As well as temping 4 days a week I'm now also working as a shop girl in a yarn store. Butch! It actually pays even worse than the temping does, so for working 6 days a week I only come out a little ahead. But hey, it has a few factors in its favour, a) temp work often dries up without much warning, and should that be the case then I always have the yarn store to fall back on, b) yarn!, c) STORE DISCOUNT. The trick will be not to spend more money on nummy, nummy yarn than I am actually earning. Working in the store has been more fun than I expected, even though only having a 1 day weekend kind of sucks.

Mind you, having to work early on a Saturday morning didn't stop me from going out on Friday night in the company of a whole bunch of men of the homosexualist persuasion. Hurrah for the 'bears' night at The Flinders Hotel! I didn't get to bed until after 2am, but managed to rouse myself surprisingly well the next morning. Yes I did nearly faceplant into my dinner at some friends' house last night, and once we repaired to the sofas I was a heavy lidded gonner, but the point was I soldiered through. Curiously, 20 years ago I was working in retail and having late nights clubbing, followed by early mornings standing moderately functional at a cash register.

I guess some things never change.


Ur-spo said...

ooh Bears night at the Hotel? sounds lovely

Mousicles said...


Does this mean you'll become our dealer and feed our knitting addictions too?

Got any cunning sock wool?

jason said...

Who knows, one day yarn shop girl, next day yarn mogul! Happens all the time.

The Other Andrew said...

Mouse, come visit us in the subterranean yarn barn (ie: Morris and Sons). Cunning sock yarn a-bungo!

Ur-spo, I had SUCH a good time. I'll be heading back to that teddy bear's picnic, for sure.

Jason, we prefer Yarn God-Emperor.