Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy Days

I didn't have any temp work today, so I spent the day pottering around. Doing some knitting. A burger lunch at a nearby cafe. Some coffees and a bit of Oprah on the teev (Until I realised I could not stomach a full episode about preacher Ted Haggard and the fact that he is 'no longer troubled' by homosexual thoughts. Bah. Whatever.). A day of stuff.

I had a job interview late last week at a yarn store in the city. They really liked me and I liked them, but the salary is the killer. You always know you're in trouble when the prospective employer is embarrassed to tell you how much (or rather, how little) the position pays. So they asked me to think about it and today I rang them to see if there was still a casual position on offer. I wouldn't be able to live on what they are paying their full-time employees, but as a second job that I supplement by continuing to do temping, well that could work. So the ball is back in their court.

Tonight I'm off to a wine tasting at a local gay bar. Fun! $10 gets you a tasting glass which you can refill as many times over as you want from the different wines being presented. There's finger food and special offers on the wines being sampled, and each month a different winery presents their wines. Maybe it's a good thing that it looks like I'm not working tomorrow either...


Kris said...

I wondered about that. It's a sad fact of the industry that they can really only afford to pay people who don't need the jobs anyway. I could only do it because Rodd earned enough to pay the rent, but once we got the mortgage there was just no way.

And if you do take it, then you'll get to deal with people telling you how you're overpriced compared to Spotlight!

Graeme said...

You have so fully embraced the Clarence! It's like your second home. I love how you're going all the time now. It isn't the right place for me - I wish it was - but it is great to see that it is proving so enjoyable for you.

mrpeenee said...

I think I mentioned earlier an online temp outsourcing site that you could look into. www.odesk.com

I'm telling ya.

Ur-spo said...

oh to go to a wine tasting in Autralia!
so many good wines - many I doubt we ever get to have as they stay local
please tell what you had/enjoyed