Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey, Is This Thing On?

I just visited my local library for my weekly bout of free web surfing and annoyance, only to discover that their computers are all down. Let me tell you, nothing gets the denizens of my local library computer area (Sniffing Man, Aggro Hiker Lesbian, Tutting Frau & Borderline Homeless Or Maybe Just Hygenically Challenged Guy, to name but a few) annoyed like deprivation of their free internet access. Oh the wailing and the nashing of teeth... and I always thought libraries were supposed to be quiet places.

It's funny how some people react to a change of circumstances. An older Indian chap walked in not longer after the librarians had explained that a power snafu meant that their would be no computers for you! today, walked up to the row of seriously off computers, read the Out Of Order signs, then proceeded to walk along and tap the keyboards of each one. So I (helpfully) told him that the computers are out of order.

Yes, they are out of order.

Yes, I am sure.

Yes, the librarians did in fact tell me so.

Yes, all of them.

Oh yes, I am most definitely sure.

30 seconds later I heard him asking the librarians. I guess my natural air of authority just doesn't wash with some people. Whatever. This man was having serious comprehension issues that the Universe somehow took away the free computers. 15 minutes later, while I was browsing the stacks, he was at the counter asking "Will there be computers tomorrow?". The librarian started out with a reasonable, justifiable, estimation that given the problem was a) diagnosed and b) rectified, there would probably be computers tomorrow.

No, she can't guarantee it.

No, it isn't definite that there will be computers tomorrow.

No, they aren't sure why at this stage.

No, she can't say for sure they will be working tomorrow.

Until finally she gave him what he wanted.

Yes, there will be computers tomorrow.

Everyone has their limits.

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