Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Could Be Tim's Rebound Guy

I had to smile at the revelation that Tim Campbell is gay*. a) Good on him for coming out, b) I pegged it for a fact on episode #1 of his appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" anyway, c) um, wasn't he in "Rent"?, and d) this is like the least surprising news item of 2007.

What's stranger though is the follow up blog item in the same newspaper Can Tim Campbell score as the rebound guy? A post which is canvassing opinion on whether he can score Australian Idol munchkin Anthony Callea on the rebound, given that he's newly single too.

Um, okay.

* Australian actor. Singer. TV soapie star. Theatre performer. Cute strawberry(ish) blonde.


M-H said...

I don't know either of these boys (being completely ignorant of popular culture) but fo course they should get together. they're both famous, right? They're both gay, right? Therefore what's stopping them?

This reminds me of all the fuss around famous lesbians. I once saw a photo of Martina and kd and an 'unknown woman' leaving some venue or other. The tone of anger from the mag that the third woman wasn't someone they could name was palpable - what were these famous lesbians doing, being see out with someone who wasn't famous?

So, they should get together so the mags can relax and continue to talk up and down their relationship based on happy snaps and not-so-happy snaps taken from behind pillars in shopping centres. Makes it sooo much easier for them.

bernard said...

hmmm.... prev post didnt post!

I personally think that the least surprising "news story" of 2007 was Ricky Martin being outed by his "skin care technician" in Hollywood this week.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, I missed that.