Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gift Idea

I never thought I'd covet a tea towel as a Christmas gift, but I think I really, really need this one.

Cute huh? Oh yeah, and there's always this:

Even cuter.


Mel said...

So does that mean you'lll be standing in line on opening night for 'The Golden Compass'?

The Other Andrew said...

Oh hell yes, and parts of me will probably be standing whenever he's on screen. Too much information?

Ur-spo said...

despite being an avid tea drinker, i don't know what is a tea towel!

jcr35 said...


thought you may remember this one
!! LOL

John C said...

That reminds me, I ought to watch Casino Royale again. Best Bond since Our Sean and actually a pretty good adaptation of the book.

I take it you've seen Love is the Devil where he plays Francis Bacon's lover?