Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh my gah, I'm pooped.
  • Many, many beers on Friday during a Most Excellent night out.
  • Four and a half hours sleep and then up for work on Saturday at the yarn store.
  • A long, torturous train ride home thanks to my Arch Nemesis (aka CityRail) doing PLANNED track maintenance, a fact they like to stress lest you think they were lurching from self induced crisis to self induced crisis.
  • A train ride that ate up most of my potential nap time before going out Saturday night to a very fun event called Underground Underbear (so named for a) the basement venue and b) the large number of hirsute/stocky men in their underwear) where many, many more beers were consumed.
  • Finally to today, waking up waaaay too early after a very late night, catching up with my friend Judy, going to knitting at the pub as per usual and then meeting friends at another pub and having dinner.

Total alcohol consumed today, one light beer. Even I have my limits.


Michael said...

I've never been to a party populated by men in their underpants, and for you it's like a monthly (weekly?) occurrence.

The Other Andrew said...

I know! Well, there is the regular monthly one at the leather bar, and this one which is a twice a year thing (I think). Underwear is the mode du jour in Old Sydney Town!

Anonymous said...

Not very good limits - you drank a light beer. Shame on you.