Monday, September 21, 2009

5 Things Found Rolling Around In The Bag I Carry To Work: Ewww, What's THAT? Edition

  • 3 biros from The Big Christian Charity where I used to work. They sit nicely in the hand, write well, and given that they ordered 1,500 of them with the wrong phone number on them, not stolen. I actually had to stay "Stop! I have enough pens at home!".
  • But the packets (2 sizes, 1 each) of Post-Its are definitely stolen a Gift With Toil from some workplace or other.
  • A packet of blood pressure pills with no actual pills in it. Likewise a purse pack (whatever) of aloe vera tissues with no actual aloe vera tissues in it.
  • A $9.95 radio, bought from a novelty/bits of everything shop in Little Vietnam in Bankstown. Amazingly it works ok, and kept me company on the lonely hours I was archiving files in the bowels of more than one bank branch.
  • Old payslips. Old bills. (Paid, I think. Yeah, I'm sure. I'm fairly sure. I mean nothing has been cut off or disconnected yet.) Old fliers for various things. Apparently there was a food fair in March that sounds like it would have been good.


the same brad said...

Was that the Italian food fair? I missed that one too. And the coffee/chilli/chocolate festival in The Rocks. And the Taste of Sydney in Centennial Park. If only there was some technology for a portable blogger to remind one of such things, perhaps a small leather bound booklet where once could write important things.

The Other Andrew said... a diary. Which I actually own, and rarely ever write in, or check.