Thursday, September 03, 2009

45 Revolutions Per Minute

I'm posting this early, well late on Thursday night actually, but early in terms of the fact that it isn't my actual birthday until tomorrow so one could say that this is early. Premature. Preemptive. I'm heading out pretty much straight after work tomorrow night for lashings of sake and a little bit of Japanese food, so I'm striking while the iron is hot and blogging while I have the chance.

So anyhoo, happy birthday to me! Yay! 45 today (tomorrow)! Because sometimes, if you are walking around with your eyes open, the Universe rewards you I happened across this sign the other day and thought it apropos for this occasion.

Oh, lordy. I am certainly both of these things.

Birthday eve finds me a little introspective this year. It's been a trying year on one hand, but actually kind of fab in other regards. Ups and downs of unemployment and financial stress, new friendships and relationship, feeling fat and frumpy, and then feeling empowered and attractive. Please remain seated until the ride has come to a complete standstill, and keep all extremities inside the car. Yikes, it has indeed been a rollercoaster ride... and I'm barely tall enough to even ride one.

Birthday eve finds things on the upswing though. I'm getting 5 days of work a week at present, and even though the wages aren't much chop I am really enjoying the 2 of those days spent at the yarn store. I've been socialising like a dervish lately, and have made some new friendships that I've grown to treasure. It looks like two of my close friends will be returning from parts foreign (Melbourne and Brisbane), which I am so happy about. I've even come to a form of body acceptance that is relatively new for me, and I have my 'bear' community friends to thank for that.

That one's kind of a biggie. It doesn't mean that I don't plan on losing the kilos I gained in the past couple of years, for health reasons for starters, but it does mean that I can feel fairly comfortable with the shape I am in now.

However, I do really wish I had computer access during the workdays these days, because one thing that has suffered this year is this poor blog and my reading of other friends' blogs. Most nights when I get home, particularly days when I'm at the yarn store, I'm just too darn tired and uninspired to write or do much surfing. (Naturally, porn is the exception.)

So, thanks for sticking around and reading. Thanks for those who've been here for years now, and those who are new. I understand I was thoroughly remiss in not posting my address for parcels to be sent, so please don't feel guilty about the no gift issue. Let's just avoid the embarrassment and discomfort that showering me with gifts would cause, and move on. Taking a moment to pause and reflect on the knowledge that I have a long memory for some things.


Campbell said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. Here's to the coming year being just as exciting and rewarding (and perhaps with different types of challenges).

Pam said...

Hi Andrew!

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and have been thoroughly entertained! Although I've never left a comment I wanted to let you know that you blog is one of the most original ones I read...thank you! I hope you have a terrific birthday, enjoy the party and try to be a good boy :)

Pam (Vancouver, BC - Canada)

missfee said...

Happy Birthday Andrew - hope you have a great day and my your ball of yarn be knot free

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks everyone!

Nice to meet you Pam, thanks for the sweet compliment!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope you have a wonderful day (and naughty weekend) :)

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. I can't believe that I began reading this blog when you were 'not quite 40'. Thanks for many years of thought provoking and interesting reading.

Ur-spo said...

I hope that you have many more birthdays and each year is better than the rest.
I have enjoyed watching you " grow up" here! I am honored to be part of it.

Tom said...

Happy Birthday! When shall we come round and give you the bumps?

Charisse said...

Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Kerry said...

Happy birthday Andrew, have a great day.