Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time Out

After yesterday's emotional rollercoaster of a day, I decided to give myself a time-out day today. Last night I was making plans about serious, important things to do today; phoning my old temp agency, signing up with online employment agencies, starting a big house clean in preparation for the possibility of needing to get a flatmate, blah de blah. However when I woke up this morning I decided to take this day for me. I'm not procrastinating (for a change!) but I thought it made sense to take a mental health day after yesterday. Recharge the depleted emotional reserves.

So I had a lazy start to the day (with a lovely cup of coffee from my preciousssss) before heading out at lunchtime to grab an inexpensive bite to eat in Newtown. After that I decided to make the best of 'tight-arse Tuesday'* and headed to the cinemas at the nearby Broadway Shopping Centre to see the new Star Trek movie.

Hello, loved it! I was a bit dubious because ever since being entranced by the original 60's series in re-runs as a teenager I have been a lifelong Trek fan. Most, but not all (I'm looking at you Deep Space Nine) further incarnations of Trek have have continued my love for the series, so 'reinventing' Trek in the nature of a prequel did have me concerned. Generally I think they did the characterisations and backstory well, the casting was good (despite a wtf? moment when I recongised Winona Ryder), and the action adventure elements of the story were great. I might even see it again.

My one bit of sensible activity was to visit my private health cover provider and claim the rebate for my last round of expensive medication. Ten minutes of effort, $45 bucks. Thank you very much. I nearly plonked $25 of that on a new book but naked fear common sense prevailed after I did the book?/food? cost benefit analysis. Blah, I hate being sensible... especially when it comes to my one big weakness of books.

So after my time-out day tomorrow's plan is to tackle the basics of life, the Earth-bound concerns. Doesn't sound quite as much fun as visiting quantum singularities and the space/time continuum with Spock and Jim, but must be done!

* Tight-arse Tuesday, the great Aussie tradition of cheaper movie tickets on Tuesdays. Fortunately it doesn't mean only those blessed with tight bubble butts get the discount, instead it refers to the Aussie parlance of a tightwad being a 'tight arse'. As in "He's so tight, he's tighter than a fish's arsehole."


Campbell said...

That was a very wise move to have a day for yourself. I hope things work well for you in the coming days Andrew.

Emily said...

Good idea, day off.

And we liked Star Trek, too

Michael said...

I'm glad you had a YOU day.

A week later, and I'm still using the new Dr. McCoy when I self-pleasure.

FredAstep said...

Sounds like it was an excellent day. I'm glad you took the time out. You'll feel better for it and be refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. Heck, why not take the rest of the week off! You can always open that new window on Monday...

LaDivaCucina said...

Ahhh love, why didn't they let you go in summer instead of winter? Thoughtless c*nts!

You'll be right, mate.

Is it me or does Chris Pine have the weirdest nose? I can't decide if he's really ugly or really good looking.

PS: Agree about Deep Space Nine and had the opportunity to tell Exec. producer Brandon Braga about it myself at his party in L.A. Met 7 of 9, Neelix, Harry Kim and The Doctor, who tried to chat me up.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks everyone! The love for the new Star Trek movie seems almost universal, and it's nice to see the franchise reinvigorated at the box office. Laura, Chris Pine is in the Really Good Looking category as far as I'm concerned! Yummers. Mr Mike, I understand the appeal of the lovely Bones! (And see what I did there?) Fred, as tempting as that is, I don't have that much coming my way in the way of $$$s!

Nicole said...

sounds like great therapy (getting sacked is extremely sucky), i hope they go bust for being so callous.

Tom said...

Good move!

I'm ashamed/happy (not sure which?) to report I don't think I've ever seen a complete episode of Star Trek so not sure whether to see it or not... Hot boys eh? Well I could be persuaded. Although Yani's review mentions camera shake which I'm not a fan of... I prefer my motion sickness to be in a car rather than a cinema. :P

Ur-spo said...

I did not care for the destruction of Vulcan.
That seemed a no-no.