Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Speaking Of Jackets...

I love this jacket from the Fall 2009 collection by clothing label Rag & Bone. When I say I "love" this jacket... I mean I LOVE THIS JACKET. I want to make it my boo and leave it little love notes.


Actually, the whole collection is pretty faboo. Especially if you're a willowy boy with hollow cheeks who can carry off the funky 'ninja pants'. I have a soft spot for this classy long line jacket too:

Nice. Not terribly apropos for those of us blessed with hobbit proportions, but nice.

[Check out the rest of the collection on men.style.com]


jason said...

that first one looks great....wearable even!
No small accomplishment.

The Other Andrew said...

It's like a luxe 'Mao suit', don't you think? It looks like silk to me.

LaDivaCucina said...

And I'm sure you could whip them up too. (I mean the jackets not the models!)