Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slim Aarons, 1916 - 2006

Slim Aarons once described his career as "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." During the 1950's, 60s and 70s Aarons was an honourary member of the jet set. An outsider looking in, with a camera. One who was given a free pass because the elite knew he would always make them, their homes, their friends and their lives look good. Consequently he documented a vanished time and lifestyle in intricate, lush, gorgeous detail. Prior to finding this niche Aarons had been a decorated World War II combat photographer, an experience which he credits as making his appreciation of the good life that much richer.

Switch out the participants, and switch in me and a surprisingly competitive (yet accommodating) cabana boy called Miguel, and this is my idea of heaven. Did I ever tell you I love backgammon? Truly, I do.

If this photo came with a soundtrack I imagine it would be Kate Hepburn calling "You! Yes you there!", in tones imperious.

NYC picnic. Could this be more perfect? OK, add in Jude Law and an Hermes 100% cashmere blanket to the back seat and then tell me this couldn't be more perfect.

The creepy/beautiful Guinness family. I suspect there is another child with hazel eyes and mousy brown hair of which they do not speak. The one that was shipped off to boarding school tout de suite. (Oh, and that jacket must be mine. WANT.)

Rex Reed, lying in wait for the latest in a long line of poolboys.

There are a number of comprehensive Slim Aarons galleries online, such as this one at Photographers Gallery, an amazing LJ entry (in Russian) by Ana-Lee, and this one at Staley Wise Gallery


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh, those Guinness children are impossibly beautiful, they must be dolls. except of course dolls don't inherit their father's dead, expressionless stare. wow. reminds me of something from a Fitzgerald novel.

Michael Guy said...

LOVE Aaron's work. WOULD love to own a print someday if I ever fall into a pit of moolah. Just saying.

Those Guinness brats? Reminds me of "Village of The Damned"... still, tres cuteness.

Ur-spo said...

the rex reed jacket alone is worth the price.