Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Cheaper Headspin Than Any Drugs

Oy. It's been a strange week chickens, and apologies for this blog being a bit dead in the water this week. I've been sick with the worst wracking, deep, choking, dry cough for most of the week. Felt better, had a lovely dinner at Uchi Lounge and a thoroughly debauched late night at an underwear party called Rezurrection with my friend Christopher and about 500 of our closest hot boy friends, then not surprisingly felt worse again. Duh.

So now I find myself at home on a Saturday night, the Saturday night of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras no less, watching an old Marx Bothers film, desultorily Facebooking, and craving a super long G & T (Bombay Saphire, tonic, lots of ice and lashing of fresh lime).

I'm not thoroughly convinced with my doctor's diagnosis, but I do agree with her that my chest is clear and it isn't bronchitis. I don't feel sick sick, I mean I have no fever or cold symptoms, but this frigging cough is doing me in. Waking myself up all through the night, giving me a pounding headache and tense, sore neck and shoulders.

Grumpy Saturday night!

Gosh I feel like that G&T. Or maybe a small flask of the warm sake Christopher and I had at Uchi Lounge. Once we saw a sake called Bishonen ("Beautiful Boy") on the menu you know we had to have it, right? I bet all the queens love a Bishonen! Actually, it was delicious and amazingly calming for my cough, probably the mix of warmth and alcohol. Beautiful boys are medicinal.

Anyhoo, off to bed soon for another battle with Mr Sandman vs My Esophagus. On the upside, I have a good book to read before sleep. 3 parcels of books I ordered online arrived this week. 3! First on the nightstand is "Nella Last's War", the daily diaries written for the UK archival Mass Observation project by Nella Last. Housewife, 49, as her first observation in September 1939 begins. Oh my they are good, her voice and personality leap off the pages and her observations of the extraordinary ordinary days of the Second World War are tender, thoughtful, bittersweet and at times surprising. Frequently very funny also. I was a big fan of the BBC dramatisation with Victoria Wood ("Housewife, 49"), so I had high expectations of the source material.

Not disappointed.

Off to bed my ducks. Wish me luck!


jason said...

good luck!

I think you should get promptly into bed with a nice long "beautiful boy" and a Housewife,49.

Sure to make you feel better.

John C said...

I sympathise, having had a mild cold myself this week.

Since you're in Sydney, I suggest you try and get to see Yayoi Kusama's Fireflies on the Water at the Museum of Contemporary Art:

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the good wishes guys. John, I've heard that it's amazing! A friend posted a pic on Flickr and it looks most seriously cool.

Cecilia said...

Hope you're feeling better! Missed you today at knitting.

Andrea James said...

Must be the mountains of dust I have been sweeping up at the other end of the street. Renovations are filthy.

Not that I put any stock in medical advice over the intarwebs, but my dad developed a persistent cough like that a few years ago & turns out it was adult asthma! Could also be allergies due to the seasonal change. Lots of R&R and take care!

Lara said...

Yuk. Sounds like whooping cough.