Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner With The Diva

After reading each other's blogs for a little while, and originally meeting online through Thom's blog Fabulon, last night I caught up with US blogger "La Diva Laura" (of La Diva Cucina) right here in Newtown. OMG, so much fun! Laura livid in Sydney for quite a few years, so this trip has been a homecoming of sorts. I knew from reading her blog that Laura would be warm and funny, as were her friends, and we clicked straight away.

Got Rice?

Laura & Fiona
Laura & Fiona. Fiona had the best glitter eyeliner on. Covet!

Nom Nom
Libations! A very nommy "Asian Tiger Caprioska" - lime, passionfruit, lychee, sugar syrup, vodka, heaven.

Amanda & Laura
Laura & Amanda. Good times!

Just James!
"Just James" starring James O'Brien.

Cute Newtown Busker
On the way out of the hotel we passed this cute boy busking. So nice to see the young people taking care in their appearance.


thombeau said...

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

thombeau said...

I speak, of course, about the boy in the tux.

The Other Andrew said...

Lol, quite the little snack isn't he?

Thom, we're your ears burning?! :)

thombeau said...

Alright, buddy: spill!

Of course, yours will have a chance to sizzle when La Diva gets back up here!

Michael Guy said...

I want Fiona's RED hair! LUST!