Monday, March 09, 2009

5 Things About Monday, 9th March: 'Roid Rage Edition

  • Work was sheer hell people. I'm starting to doubt my doctor's diagnosis because I've finished my antibiotics and I am no better. No better! I spent the entire work day trying to talk *cough* to *cough* people *cough* on *cough* the *cough* phone. *cough!*
  • I am addicted to watching youtube clips of the gay love story between Max & Iago, from the Catalan soap opera "El Cor de la Ciutat". English subtitled clips are here, courtesy of evama1977. Iago, pretty-boy bad-boys never looked so good. Interesting fact, Max has been on the show since he was a little kid. Awww.
  • I'm watching the tv show "Good News Week" and I have a new crush. Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls. She's a riot, and sort of has a whole tough chick/drag queen thing going on. Plus she plays a mean ukelele. Awesome.
  • I've had a medicinal glass of red wine. Throat soothing you see. Do you think that's related to loving Amanda Palmer so much?
  • (Prepare for an overshare people!) Do you think, say, that if you coughed hard enough. Say, hard enough that you nearly faint. Numerous times a day. With all the straining, clenching and near aneurism enducing that goes with it. Do you think that the rest of you would be straining, clenching and coming close enough to an aneurism of sorts that you might, um, well give yourself a hemorrhoid? Because frankly, aside from the coughing I haven't been straining in any other regard, and well, whilst washing this morning I discovered a somewhat sensitive, nay painful, nubbin.


James Polley said...

The Amanda Palmer thing is really bad timing - she had shows in Sydney just last week, and tix were only $35.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

if you were a chick I would have thought the punchline was something to do with pelvic floor muscles... I reckon a nubbin isn't too way out there. chances are it already existed though... just hasn't made itself known.

M-H said...

Have you thought of getting a ventolin inhaler? You can buy them over the counter. It might settle down any inflammation in your lungs. Otherwise, I'd be back at the dr.

Andrea James said...

Amanda Palmer is my hero! I (heart) Amanda.

freakgirl said...

I also heart Amanda Palmer. She's one cool chick.

The Other Andrew said...

We're feeling the Amanda Palmer love!

M-H, I was once prescribed Ventolin for some bronchial-asthma but I couldn't take it. It made me jittery. I'm back to the doc tomorrow.

ilduce said...

The antibiotics may have upset your digestion and "other areas" resulting in "irritation".. It happens.

I hope you feel better, I am finishing up my antibiotics as well but still couphing. The inhaler my doctor prescribed seems to be doing a better job.