Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Home Sick

Ugh, I gots myself a chest infection. BOO! On the upside, not whooping cough as first thought. YAY! Right now I'm burning smudge, make obeisance, casting runes, and considering sacrificing something (a bowl of icecream maybe) to any and every deity/sprite/succubus that I'll be right (enough) in time to go to the Rezurrection underwear party tomorrow night. What? You have your 'goals', I have mine. Mine just happen to include hot boys/leather bears in underwear.

So I'm watching Ellen, unpicking a pair of old chinos for my first wardrobe refashion project, and will maybe do some sewing this afternoon.


thombeau said...

"It is a cold of the bosom. The plegma, it collects in the tubes."


The Other Andrew said...

Die plegma, in da tubes!

Thanks babycakes.

Ur-spo said...

leather bears sound like a very good goal indeed.

M-H said...

Ugh. Sorry to read this. Take care. Inhalations are good, eucalyptus with other smelly oils in boiling water. King St Chemist has this.