Friday, May 02, 2008


I took yesterday off work, after a spectacularly craptastic night of tossing and turning, and about only 5 hours sleep, when the alarm went off I woke up with a pounding headache and the thought DO. NOT. WANT. So I took the day off, tried napping (unsuccessfully), went out for a walk and bought some lunch and a cheap DVD, puttered around the house, and then watched the movie I bought Latter Days. It's a lovely little film, the two lead boys are absolutely adorable (even if Steve Sandvoss's acting is a bit creaky in parts) and it dishes a huge serve of 'screw you' to religious intolerance of gays.

Here's a hint. You know you're over-tired (and possibly having a psuedo-science Biorhythmic 'triple critical') when you're sitting on the couch, eating a chocolate bar and getting teary over a film about two boys in love.

Steve Sandvoss (L) and Wes Ramsey (R) get nekkid... and I have absolutely no problem with that.

Anyhoo, back at work this am. I got marginally more sleep last night (and whoooo boy boy am I looking forward to checking into hospital in 10 days time to have my sleep problems assessed). I still have a cracker of a headache, but no tears today. I could use a chocolate bar though...

[Updated: OK, so I added a completely gratuitous picture of the two boys from "Latter Days" nekkid. Got your attention now? :) Not that I'm calling you shallow or anything.]


mrpeenee said...

O honey, there are so few things worse than being tired, achey and stuck at work. I hope hospital helps.

The Other Andrew said...

Danke Herr Peenee!

John C said...

You know I still haven't seen Latter Days despite finding Steve Sandvoss thoroughly scrumptious.

And I hope you get your sleep sorted out soon too. I frequently resort to naps of half an hour or less, find it impossible to concentrate on things otherwise and I hate feeling tired before the day is done.