Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I discovered the joys of interpersonal conflict in the workplace yesterday. (By 'joys' I mean hatefulness, of course.) Ay dios mio. My already sketchy relationship with one of the women in my department descended into outright hostility. I kept it pretty cool and professional with her all day yesterday, even while I felt my blood pressure climb to stratospheric heights. Although at one point I just walked away from her. If she keeps it up I might even lodge a formal Greivance against her (note the weighty capital, it's written that way in all our employee literature).

The only problem is that there is a clique of women here who all go down for a cigarette together about 8 times a day, and eat lunch together daily, and both my manager and this woman are part of that group. Frankly, I'm not convinced that I would get a fair hearing.

Anyhoo, ultimately I just need to get out of this place. (My daydreams yesterday included some mental arithmetic of just how long I could survive if I gave 4 week's notice and was paid out for my unnused holiday leave.)

I went to that interview with the recruiter on Monday late afternoon. Unfortunately the specific job I was applying for required a driver's licence which I don't have, a fact they neglected to put in the ad. Shame because it would have been perfect for me, even including an element of 1 on 1 software training, something I have done in the past and really enjoy doing. Cest la vie. The super-cute recruiter has kept my resume and said he will definately put me forward for the first vacancy they get in my field, and it was useful to have the interview experience and feedback on my resume.

The hunt continues. Today's work mode is Lying Low And Keeping Out Of Harm's Way.


thombeau said...

The writing's on the wall, honey. Keep looking! And stay calm.


The Other Andrew said...

...and BREATHE.

Thanks pet, we've avoided each other all day. Which is actually kind of a blessing. :)

Quatrefoil said...

I think it must be something in the stars since I'm dealing with it too - my mother suggests it's the influence of Uranus.

Maybe you could offer to learn to drive if they gave you the job?

The Other Andrew said...

Sadly the job was an immediate start thing, and it's basically being on the road visiting clients. There is no way it wopuld be possible to learn fast enough.

Uranus huh? ;P Anything is possible! (Sorry to hear that, it's crap dealing with this sort of bullshit!)

Michael said...

I've had that same "how long will I survive if I quit?" fantasy many an afternoon. Like weekly.

Sucks to deal with someone like that bad, bad lady every day. Bad lady! Here's hoping you'll see the last of those Christians very soon.

the fox said...

The ladies who lunch... and smoke... 8 times a day that's well over an hour extra of time not working, away from the desk. Not bad at all! almost a reason to start oneself....

Ray Ray said...

Hang in there, baby! Sounds like you're being proactive in finding a new work situation, and that's the best thing you can do. Who wants to work with hostile, toxic Christian bitches who stink like stale cigarette smoke? Blech!

mrpeenee said...

I'm sending karmic, internet, evil eye, voodoo waves at the smoking bitch even as I type. Grieve the hag, that's what I say. And then leave.