Thursday, May 29, 2008

Autumn Evening

I got caught in a storm on the way home last night. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, the rain fell and minutes later tiny little hail stones were bouncing all over the place. I didn't get struck by lightning, my umbrella didn't blow inside out, in fact the worst thing that happened was one wet sock from a newly leaking shoe.

As my express train sped through the stations between work and home I saw people bundled up in big coats, young guys in rain spattered business suits without umbrellas, even a couple of youngsters looking cold and a bit forlorn in just t-shirts and jeans. By Newtown the storm was passing, and I swung by the shops to grab a few things for dinner, before heading home to get into track pants, my warmest socks and a night on the sofa with my knitting, a throw rug and the tv.

It's certainly Autumn.


Ur-spo said...

i very much want to go the Australia. Besides the many sights I wish to see, I want to experience the polarity opposite of seasons.

Cecilia said...

The storm caught me completely by surprise last night. Luckily I wasn't outside, but I would have like to have seen the hail stones.

Wesley Darling said...

It's so strange to think of this as Autumn where you's decidedly springy here in the Emerald City.

Incidentally, I haven't been blogging in ages. I'm doing much too much with you must check it out, even if most of my work is behind the scenes lately.

thombeau said...

Spring has definitely sprung here in Portland---it's amazingly beautiful!

I do like the thought of you all snug in your little home, though.