Monday, May 19, 2008

Diary Of A Shut-In

I had my little trip to hospital and a few unforeseen bills this pay fortnight, so as I coast the home stretch to Pay Day I've been clinging to my last dollars. Not exactly diving my hand down the back of the couch for loose change, but as far as considering whether I can be bothered cashing in the coin jar. That sort of thing. Anyhoo I mention this by way of exposition, back story, to set the scene for you.

Actually, it's also to make me feel a little less like I was just a lazy arse all weekend. Clearly, not my fault you see. It was the money's fault. Bad, bad money. Yes, that is a very good point you make about all the free stuff I could have done all weekend. As it turns out, hanging around the house in track pants, watching DVDs you have already watched numerous times over is free too, so what's your point?

Anyhoo, jumping ahead. I did pretty much NOTHING all weekend. Cleaned the bathroom, knitted, spent some precious alone time with internet porn some of my favourite websites, watched DVDs. By Sunday afternoon I had exhausted all the entertainment value in those activities, so I headed out into the chilly daylight, into the outdoors, the place where there were other people for knitting at the pub.

Except after waiting around 45 minutes nobody showed, so I slunk back to the safe confines of my own 4 walls. Cruel hand of fate! So back to the couch, snuggled under a throw rug, with a couple more DVDs that I have watched a million times over. At this point I should point out that the 1994 film Priest still hold up pretty well. For all sorts of reasons, including the fact that last scene of this film is one of the most moving scenes on celluloid in my humble opinion, but in general for the fantastic performance by the very handsome Linus Roache.

Mmmmm, hot dish in a cassock. Who's your daddy, Father?


Sh@ney said...

That is how I spend most of my weekends...DVD's have consumed me!
Thankfully I have a pretty good collection & am able to watch quite a few before I get back to the beginning of the pile. In saying that though I have easily watched every one of them at least a dozen times.
Money seems to be my problem as well. So you are not alone. *winks*

I did manage a trip to sydney last week though with my other half, A few days of bliss and adventure. But soon enough I was back on the couch with my DVD collection!

Ur-spo said...

doing nothing is turning into my favorite way to past the time.

The Other Andrew said...

sh@ney, glad to hear you had fun in Sydney!

ur-spo, doing nothing is ok to a point, but I look back on the weekend and kind of feel like I mostly wasted it.

thombeau said...

When I saw "Priest" at the cinema, I was a sobbing mess. But then, I usually am, anyway...

Linus is also delectable in "Wings of the Dove", a film I highly recommend!

Michael said...

I've never seen Priest. And me, a former altar boy!

I rarely watch a movie twice. Maybe something visually arresting and over the top, like Moulin Rouge.

I always have a TiVo backlog to occupy my tmft. Can it ever offer me too many home/personal makeovers? Apparently not.

Kerry said...

"Priest"...what a great movie.