Monday, May 26, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

Tough day today, chickens. Warning: whining ahead.

I couldn't get to sleep last night. Too much Eurovision Final excitement? Perhaps. So I ended up taking a pill and going to sleep around 1am, only to wake with the alarm at 7am and a pounding headache. A headache that started as a snare drum and has ended up as a timpany chorus. I just took some more headache tablets, and I don't think it's a migraine (never had one of those) but I do feel like maybe my head and neck are about to go their seperate ways.

So. Last week I touched on problems at work, and some conflict I've had with a woman in my office, and things escalated to the point where she is now completely ignoring me. My stress levels have been through the roof on this issue, but I've also been really unhappy at work the past few months and struggling with issues of motivation. My insomnia and other health issues have contributed to my motivation issues as well.

Long story short, I just resigned and gave 4 weeks notice. Sounds impetuous maybe, but the situation here really is doing my head in. Not just the conflict, but my dislike for the position also. I've tried to change it, but to no avail. I have some annual leave owing, which will extend my full pay another couple of weeks, so it gives me around 6-7 weeks to find something else. Plus, I can always fall back on temping again. I am by nature a procrastinator, so I also sort of needed to draw a line under this experience, one that forces me into a deadline to deal with hunting for something else and reducing my outgoings by finding a housemate tout sweet.

The other issue sticking under my skin today is that my doctor has left the medical practice he was at. ::pffft:: Gone-ski. Changing doctors is a pain in the ass, particularly given that I feel like I'm part way along a process that hasn't reached its conclusion yet. They won't tell me where he has gone, and all my medical records stay at the practice, so really all I can do is to continue to see out this process of unlocking my insomnia and liver problems with one of the other doctors there. Grump.

I had planned an entry of chock full of morsels of madness and mayhem from Eurovision, but instead I'm serving you up a bowl full of angst, a goblet brimming full frustration and a side order this-really-shits-me-to-tears. Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile I think I might grab myself a sad film to watch tonight, and have a good cathartic cry.


Cecilia said...

I'm sorry to hear about the angst, but it seems like quitting the job is a good thing. No job is worth all that trouble and anxiety.

Have a good cathartic sad movie tonight and I look forward to your analysis of the Eurovision Final.

Mel said...

I've done the bad job thing before. No fun, but bowing out gracefully (or at least semi-gracefully) is definitely the best way to do it. Although, the one time I did it with a big "fuck you" was very satisfying.

I don't believe I've ever had a primary care physician just disappear without some sort of prior warning and an explanation as to where they're going. Perhaps knowing what's happened to him would be even more angst-inducing.

Jodie Sorrell said...

Sorry, it's all a bit hard at the moment.

But I may be able to help Doctor wise. My Doctor recently did the same thing. I tracked her down by looking on Google, then the white Pages. The surgery they leave will never tell you where they've gone, because they want to keep you as a customer, they are after all just a business.

They fail to understand that you build a relationship of trust with the medical practictor that asks you to cough, spread your legs and what you weigh.

Jobwise, the RTA is alway looking for good number nerds

Campbell said...

A brave move Andrew, but sounds like it is the right one. Good luck in the searching for both job and doctor!

Mindy said...

Use some of the contacts you have. Maybe something unexpected might come up. At least you have bitten the bullet and now have a last day to look forward to. I hope you bitch big time at your exit interview and then blog it of course.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

good move, my dear. you will find something better and health-wise things will improve when you go, too. have a good sook, you deserve it (and I second the doctor googling - sometimes you find out interesting things!).

Tom said...

Good move! It's a refreshing feeling isn't it telling them where they can stick it!

Just don't take a job which blocks all the cool bits on teh interwebz and doesn't let you blog!

John C said...

Good luck with moving to something better. Life's too short to spend the huge bulk of hours which work occupies feeling miserable and dissatisfied all the time.

Ur-spo said...

I am saddened to hear about your difficulties.
My experience with missing doctors is there was some friction of some sort or worse, real trouble. I hope your new MD is good / stays.

Lara said...

Congratulations! It's really hard to take a leap of faith like that, but when you know it's right, you're better off being poor than unhappy and unhealthy.

And if you're unemployed, we can do lunch ;)

Michael Guy said...

It's a good thing...the job quitting. No doubt that may up the anxiety factor a tad but, too, you may discover that your job unhappiness is at the root of the insomnia. Just a thought.

I'd jump in minute if I could but I fall into the procrastination phase about all of it. I salute your ability to change course and take charge. That takes big balls.

Good luck to you!

Michael said...


I could learn a thing or two from you, My Primary Andrew.

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear about your job and other problems...hope it's all resolved soon.

thombeau said...

You did the right thing, honey. I'm excited about your future, though of course there will be challenges ahead. Just remember, the best is yet to come!

Drop me a line, or give me a call sometime!


The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the lovely messages of you guys! MWAH!

FireHorse said...

That definitely sounds like you were suffering from a stress headache. The body can only absorb so much emotion. Good on you for biting the bullet and leaving your workplace.