Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I had a big fight with my boss last night, about a half hour before we finished for the day. Huge. Normally I would just take it on the chin, but yesterday I was a bit tired and grumpy by day's end and it was in part just bad timing. After 15 minutes of tooing and froing it ended with me fixing him with the death stare that has been known to halt small children in their tracks, and me saying to him "Nothing you have just said has convinced me that I was wrong."

Oh-kay. You could have cut the contempt with a knife.

I was annoyed because it was another example where he assumed we did wrong, when in fact I hadn't, and rather than checking the facts and standing up for us, his staff, he sided with the person that had a half-baked problem with our service.

Anyhoo, the weird thing is is that today it's like nothing ever happened. "Morning!"

I so need a new job. Or a new manager.


Mel said...

Perhaps you need both.

Mikey (TLE) said...

I concur on the both front.

From our conversations (and this blog) it just doesn't sound like this job is stimulating you enough. You are one of those resourceful types who supplements that sort of lack in a work life with other interests that provide that stimulation, viz the knitting and photography. In fact, I suspect, the re-discovered "photo mojo" is a symptom (albeit a good one) of your work life malaise.

Of course, one has to pay the bills amidst all this...

The Other Andrew said...

You are both right!

freakgirl said...

Ages ago, I worked for a big corporation under a woman who was legendary for her temper and perfectionism. I made an error on a print piece, she freaked out in a staff meeting and in her hissyfit she fired me.

I knew that she commonly just blurted shit out because she had no social skills, so the next day I just returned to my desk like nothing happened. It was never spoken of again.

She was awesome.