Monday, June 07, 2004

We'll Look Back At The End Of The Day And Say "We All Had A Lovely Time".

Or more accurately, we'll look back at the end of the weekend and say that we all had a lovely time.

Some weekend highlights:
  • Looking at lush apartments with Mikey. Got a spare $1.8 million anyone?
  • Lunch at the Park Hyatt on the water. The Duck and Beetroot Tart was a revelation.
  • Drunken birthday celebrations, successfully not getting thrown out of the pub (you are now on my Shit List you anonymous angry queen with 'personal space' issues) and an end of evening romp in the sheets with the birthday boy.
  • A clean bedroom. Being able to see the floor again has some good points.
  • Delicious Sunday evening dinner at Robyn's house. Watching in horror and fascination as one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) set to getting drunk, and did. Next time pick something nicer than a Verdelho and I might join in.

    Just a few low points to mention.
  • The altercation with the vicious queen at the pub was a surprise, cheers to the reasonable bar staff and bitter finger snaps to the bouncer with too much testosterone and too little common sense. Girlfriend, if you can't answer the question "Why are you so angry?" maybe you should be asking yourself that before you make life tough for others.
  • Friends who ditch other friends for their latest screw romantic liaison.
  • A chilly 5am stagger home from the birthday boy's bed to escape the snoring.
  • Missing Sunday morning Yum Cha because I slept through the meeting time. Oops.

    The 'not drinking of the alcohol' resolution went the way of so many resolutions previously have. However, the week ahead looks relatively celebration free so I feel a new strength of resolve coming on.

    All in all, good times.
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