Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Meat Ensemble, Anyone?

My ex is in town all this week, and part of the week so far has been involved in catching up with him and helping him catch up with our other friends. Last night we went to dinner at the curiously named Oscillate Wildly with a bunch of our peeps. Good times.

The food was delicious, the restaurant tiny and buzzy, the wine good, and the company excellent. I had three solid courses of rich food, including an entrĂ©e that was prosaically named ‘Meat Ensemble’. Rilette of duck, chicken liver pate and a tiny empanada of rabbit. Yum! Only drawback of the night was that the food came out at too leisurely a pace, two of our friends are pregnant and looked like they were ready to fall asleep at the table by the time dessert rolled around.

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