Monday, June 21, 2004

An Embarrassment of Riches

I had a great weekend. Nothing really dramatic happened, I didn't fall in love, drop 10 Kg or win the lottery, but I can still say I had a lovely time.

  • Friday night I went out with my old school chum Oleh and we had numerous beers, a cheap and cheerful dinner, stopped by a funky music venue... and then had yet more beers.
  • To the lovely lady who came up to me in the bottle shop while I was choosing a wine to have with dinner, and told me that I smelled nice, thanks unknown sweet lady!
  • On the way home I took a shortcut through a park near my house (yes, just a shortcut) and I saw a fox! A FOX!! In suburban Newtown!! (As you can tell I found this quite a surprising thing.)
  • Saturday I went to a BBQ despite the cold and blustery weather, at my friends Spyder & Gordon's house. About 8 of us were there by early afternoon and much food, conversation and laughs were had. I finally rolled my meat and alcohol laden self home at about 7pm. It was freezing cold and so I decided to weld myself to the couch and have a quiet night in.
  • Sunday morning I went to see a free preview of the movie "Hellboy" with my friend Stephen. I loved the movie and enjoyed the bonus of finally getting to have a better conversation with his friends Owen and Andrew. Stephen and I had some lunch in the city and then headed back to Newtown for a stroll along King Street and a look in the shops.
  • Of course that means we ended up at the pub. A couple of friends of mine drifted in and out, and I chatted to two of the guys that where nearby the night I Nearly Got Thrown Out Of The Newtown Hotel. Stephen and I ended up having a huge philosophical discussion about our friendship and some of the ways that we mis-read each other's signals sometimes (one of the reasons we are friends and ex-boyfriends, rather than still boyfriends). Even though things haven't been strained between us, it did still clear the air a little and so was a good conversation to have had.
  • One friend and one stranger complimented me on what I was wearing (vintage American 'letter man' jacket), which added to the fragrance compliment from Friday night, made it the Weekend Of Unending Ego-ness.

    So, a great time was had. Lots of friendship, laughs, some unsolicited compliments and a fair amount of alcohol. Good times!
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