Friday, June 04, 2004

Is It Beer O'Clock Yet?

So the big theory of the moment is that I'm going easy on the drinking of the alcohol. (I say theory, because like Quantum Theory for example, I'm not sure I have the ability to say for certain that there is any truth in it - but I'm prepared to believe in it anyway.)

I'm not a big drinker in terms of frequency, but I tend to commit the possibly greater sin of binge drinking. For a small guy (5'4" in old money) I can pack 'em away once I get started. Beers for example seems only to exist in multiples of 6.

The bad news I received recently is that the skin condition I started to develop a while back is adversely affected by alcohol. Oh, and spicy food, and coffee (well all hot drinks in general)... can you believe the look on my face when I found all this out? Those are three of my favourite things right there.

At least exercise isn't recommended, so that's one plus. But I digress.

Every Friday afternoon my work sets out drinks at 4.30 for everyone to unwind, and most Fridays we also go out for lunch and it's standard to have at least one alcoholic drink. This weekend I have, lets see, 4 social events to go to that include the drinking of the alcohol. One of them is cocktails that starts at 4pm, in order to maximise the 'Happy Hour' opportunities for goodness sakes...

So far, I'm not liking the odds.

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