Monday, June 08, 2009

The Weekend That Was

It was a long weekend here this weekend. Of course not actually being employed at present makes it less of a yay, long weekend! experience, but it sure was nice that everyone else got to play hookey too. What was also nice was the sunshine, the sweet beautiful sunshine, after all of the relentless rain. Today was more like Spring than Winter.

What better to do on a long weekend of sunshine and no rain than to ride an emotional rollercoaster? Stability is for weaklings! It may be sunny without, but the storm rages within. (Or something.)

From a glum self pitying Friday night, to a fabulous Saturday night spent in the company of hundreds of homosexualist men (with beer and music), to a hungover and anti-social Sunday, to rounding off the weekend on a high note with a lovely Monday spent having lunch and hanging out with a friend. It occurred to me that this situation I find myself in, being one of the human faces of the unemployment rate increase, has brought on something that feels a little like grieving.

Not that I am actually grieving for my old job. Frankly, aside from a couple of friends I made there the rest of the organisation can go suck my big fat... well... sorry, where was this going again? Oh right. Maybe I've gone through 'grief' and I'm now in 'anger'. Awesome, that's progress right?

Anyway, I also achieved a bunch of things I set out to do this weekend, little goals like tidying up bits of the backyard. Little goals that made me feel much more positive. And tomorrow's no so little goal is apply for a bunch of jobs!

For a start, I really to get another job so I can stop sitting around and thinking so much.

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mrpeenee said...

Thinking is SO last century.