Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Law Of Chocolate Attraction

You know, maybe there is something in this The Secret bullcrap. I mean last night I posted a satirical comment on The Facebook about not having any chocolate in the house, then I obviously created the environment blah de blah to attract chocolate to myself, opened myself up to the possibility of chocolate, created the space in my life for chocolate to happen, because today I received a gorgeous box of fine Belgian chocolates from The Universe! Actually, from The Universe via its agents, my lovely kind friends Meg and Snerg!

Tonight I'm posting a satirical comment and opening myself up to the possibility of a million dollars. Wish me luck.


HVDW said...

Hi Other Andrew,
Glad to hear your friends ordered our chocolates for you and more importantly, that you liked them.

Kind regards from the Double Bay based Belgian chocolate imorters.
Hendrik and Hilde Vanderwee Rosseel
PS. We passed on your comment to our suppliers in Bruges Belgium.

Stu said...

Damn! Not enough Monopoly money... remind me: what other board games use money?

Anonymous said...

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