Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry, Happy, Joyful To You

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, whatever occasion you are celebrating. Be nice to each other. Spare a thought for those in need, in pain or in peril, and for the lonely.

Oh, and throw away your diets for at least one day and enjoy yourselves.

I'm off to a friend's house for a Christmas Eve get together with a rag tag mob of people, new babies and a couple of naughty puppies. Good times!



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you, Andrew, and all my best wishes to your compact bad self in the New Year. I've enjoyed your posts on freakgirl-- some thoughtful and some wry, and some with a frothy blend of both that leave a tell-tale moustache. Got comment? Took me a while, but I finally stumbled into your blog and your 100 list slapped me up, flipped me and rubbed me down as I mentioned in the email I sent. You know, the one you automatically or manually junkmailed. C'mon, throw/slip me a bone in the New Year if only to say "no thanks". I thought the Shire-folk had better manners!

The Other Andrew said...

Hey there Mike Anonymous! No bad manners were intended, but I haven't checked my spamalicious email account in a number of days and you might have gotten pinged by my ISP if you wrote me about Viagra, penis extensions or my pre-approved mortgage at only 3%!!

Thanks for the positive strokes big guy, nice to know you appreciate that good things come in small packages. I hope you had a happy holiday season too, and got the good things you wanted (and no doubt deserved). More 2xist boxer briefs, perhaps?

I'll double check my email and get back to you.