Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'll Be Homo For Christmas

Things I have observed about myself this Christmas holiday season:
  • I love wrapping gifts.
  • I think it is perfectly reasonable that I have a theme for all my wrapping.
  • This year's theme, aside from the colour scheme of red and gold, involves small red 'mirror ball' hearts and gold bows.
  • Mikey and I bought a couple of gifts between us, and I handed over one of them to let him wrap. It made my heart race and my palms itch, because I just know it won't be perfect.
  • I am a) a Control Freak when it comes to wrapping and b) the gayest gay of all the gays that have ever walked the Earth.
  • Or maybe I'm just her.

    Anonymous said...

    Shouldn't it be "Her"?
    Indeed you are a very faggoty fag.
    Speaking of themes, I had to submit a square to a Quilt of Love for a friend's birthday recently. Other folks wrote a few lines and included a few snapshots while mine had a Japanese motif, complete with artfully rendered symbols, tonsu-esque photo compartments and a fawning original haiku.

    The Other Andrew said...

    Yup, a Faggoty Faggolishus Fag, that's me.

    I just know that you intended that as a compliment. Right?

    Anonymous said...

    You bet your faggoty ass I did.