Friday, December 31, 2004

2004: A Year In Review

Well 2004, your time here is almost gone and I'll be glad to see the back of you. Not that your were horrendous (like 2003 aka 'The Year Of The Head-On Car Accident'), but you were kind of meh, to be honest.

2004, Some Highs & Lows:
  • Got serious about my Buddhist faith; started a two year Buddhist studies course, became more involved in more activities at the gompa (temple), volunteered to be the facilities manager for the gompa in 2005. (High)
  • Gathered my willpower and resolve and gave up meat and alcohol. (Mostly High, but Christmas was so hard!)
  • Watched in horror as hundreds of thousands of people died in war, and both natural and man made disasters. (Very Low)
  • Turned 40; had a great party, bathed in the love of good friends, noticed grey hairs in my beard for the first time. (High & Low)
  • Left my unrewarding job at the accounting firm. (High)
  • Started this blog and started picking up readers towards the end of the year. (High)
  • Watched some very dear friends move away. (Low)

    Anyone else care to share their highs and lows?
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