Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Next Stop, Cirque du Soliel!

I cashed in one of my birthday presents on Sunday and went to trapeze school.

Yup, you read right. Trapeze. School.

It was challenging, fun, incredible and ultimately exhausting. I can't wait to do it again! I did discover though that the collarbone I fractured last year is operating at somewhere less than 100%, so I'll wait a few months, do some more pushups and strenghtening exercises and then have another go.

I had moments of trepidation as I climbed the ladder to the take-off platform, and even more as I had to lean right out and grab the bar (they have a hold of you by only the safety belt you are wearing). The exhilaration was incredible though, and I was able to ace a few tricks like doing a backflip from the bar into the net.

An hour and a half later I was tired, and had discovered muscles that I didn't know I had, but I was exhilarated and proud of what I had acheived. I don't have a problem with heights, but swinging out on a trapeze bar about 30 feet up in the air makes you face whatever fear you have about not just heights but your ability to undertake something new and physically challenging. I'm very glad I did it.

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