Thursday, September 23, 2004

Five Things That Will Never Happen

  • Someone will describe me as lanky.
  • I will watch someone bite their nails and it won't send me into paroxisms of irrational internalised rage.
  • I will pay money to voluntarily see a movie with 'Princess' in the title.
  • I will similarly start watching "McLeod's Daughters", and will care very, very deeply about it.
  • One of my Morning Commute Crushes will stare at me first, and for longer.

    Salinas blogger said...

    I love that you have commute crushes.

    The Other Andrew said...

    commute crushes... pass in the street crushes... local cafe barrista crushes... catch the same elevator crushes...

    I could quite literally be here all day listing them all.

    Anonymous said...

    And gym locker room crushes. Ahh, they may be the best ones of all.

    Miss Wired said...

    OMG, you have Morning Commute Crushes too?!

    I thought it was just me passing the time!