Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yellow, Red, Black Or White...

...add a little bit of moonlight!

1976. We were 12 and already knew we weren't particularly interested in those pretty girls, girls, girls. Some realisations come early and easily. Probably years earlier when I showed Jamie mine, and he showed me his. (With a bit of coaxing.) What we did have an interest in though was the mid 70s obsession with retro. Biba clothes. Manhattan Transfer. Art Deco. And the oom-pah ragtime sound of Sailor's "Girls, Girls, Girls".

I mentioned this song to a friend over dinner last night. Someone who I have a newfound respect for when it comes to all things obscure and vintage. (Someone who 'gets' Sparks, just for starters.) His response? "I've got their albums. On vinyl, of course."

Le sigh. I love my friends.


Anonymous said...

It's on my "Living In The 70s - Volume 3" CD. I never owned vinyl but I did have my very own copy of Racey's "Smash & Grab" on cassette. My mother wrote my name on the cover and everything! Two years ago I bought the Best of Racey from iTunes... I'm sad to say they worked better as a memory.

Oh, on musicy things: "My job is very boring, I'm an office clerk." I can hear the song playing in my head but I can't remember its name and it is absolutely KILLING ME. I know I've got it and am simply hoping that my iPod will put me out my misery and decide to play it very very soon. I suppose I could just go on the 'net and search it out, but where's the fun in that?

Graeme said...

Echo Beach is the song you're thinking of.

Sailor's other big hit was 'Glass of Champagne'

mrpeenee said...

Meanwhile, back in this century, I've tagged you, Details at mrpeenee.

The Other Andrew said...

Ckyde, what Graeme said! Martha & The Muffins, "Echo Beach".

Peener, heading on over!