Monday, August 17, 2009

Singular Proof That I Once Thought A Guy With A Mullet Was Hot

But in my defence a) I was only 22 at the time and b) I never bought it that it was the girls he was interested in, especially when at the end of the clip he like totally podium dances and everything.

Wa Wa Nee "Stimulation", 1986


beccasauras said...

oh, u have so made my day! I had the whole casstett! I'm 34 now, so don't what that would have made me in age back then, not old enough to know better! Wonder what they look like now? Hmm, thanks for a google topic tonight!

The Other Andrew said...

I saw a clip only a little while back of the lead singer appearing on some awards show, he's a producer now I think, and he still looks good!

james said...

I once saw them as a support for Cyndi Lauper at Brisbane Entertainment Centre a thousand years ago. They were good, and I did love them too. They were our generation's answer to "Savage Garden", I suspect.